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Why Destination Visioning is Necessary

A great place to live is typically a great place to visit! As one of the agencies that participated in Livable Roanoke Valley, the Roanoke Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau (RVCVB) set out to work with our Participating Localities (Cities of Roanoke and Salem and Counties of Botetourt, Franklin, and Roanoke) to develop a vision plan for quality of life amenities and facilities that are attractive, not only to residents, but to visitors.

Working from a viewpoint that Virginia’s Blue Ridge deserves a future by design, not by chance, the RVCVB has spent the past year gathering intelligence from a wide-range of sources. The Bureau has worked collaboratively with community leaders to identify “what’s next” for the region. This overview aims to inform readers where we’ve been, where we are and where we are headed.

“If we build a place where people want to visit, we’ll build a place where people want to live. And, if we build a place where people want to live, we will build a place where people want to work. And, if we build a place where people want to work, we will build a place where business has to be. And, if we build a place where business has to be, we’ll be back to building a place where people have to visit. It all starts with a visit.”
– Maura Gast

It all starts with a visit

Visioning Steps

  1. Destination Assessment
    The RVCVB contracted with Zeitgeist Consulting, a nationally-known destination planning firm, to guide the region in the development of a 2030 Destination Vision Plan for Virginia’s Blue Ridge (VBR). The first step in the process was hosting a team of outside destination development experts to experience VBR as first-time visitors to more fully understand strengths, challenges, synergistic connectivity and opportunities. An assessment plan was produced to review in preparation for the next steps in the visioning process.

  2. Review of Existing Plans
    Zeitgeist also performed a review of existing Comprehensive and Vision Plans from throughout Virginia’s Blue Ridge to identify development opportunities already under consideration that would advance the magnetism of the region for both visitors and residents.

  3. Community Visioning Sessions
    Based on the notion that successful destinations were built for residents first and visitors second, over 30 (includes political officials, Board and community leaders) listening and visioning sessions were held throughout Virginia’s Blue Ridge to test out recommendations from Zeitgeist as well as identify concepts and opportunities that had yet to be considered. Over 250 individuals participated in these sessions during the 4th quarter of 2014 and the 1st quarter of 2015, culminating in the identification of four major areas of focus and over 25 primary opportunity areas for development.

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